This morning I read this blog post by Danielle Elwood about a nurse in in Connecticut. It reminded me of what happened in Montreal at the beginning of the year when a woman was asked to stop nursing in a children’s clothing store. So of course I did a little google search to refresh my tired mommy brain (though it did get 5 1/2 hours of rest last night – woohoo) on the details and was quite shocked to read some of the comments made by (I’m assuming, since the article being commented on was from CTV Montreal) Montrealers in reaction to the story.

Montreal mom gets apology from clothing store over breastfeeding controversy

Be it breast-feeding, spitting on a sidewalk or blowing your nose in a restaurant while others around you eat, bodily fluids do not need to be squirted or misted through the air if you can avoid it. You do what you can to do this as cleanly and privately without infringing upon the “clean-air” rights of others. If you were about to vomit, wouldn’t you run to the nearest toilet a.s.a.p. ??? Common sense people!

Helga Laval
Girls dressed scantily aren’t parading around leaking bodily fluids all over the place. I have a litter of puppies so is it ok as a blind person if I bring my guide dog into a store and let her nurse the babes while I do my shopping? This can keep going and going..I’m not being shut down by the “thought police”. What she did was confrontational and insensitive to the senses of other patrons. There are places she could go but I suspect she likes the attention period.

Sorry parents. But the world is not all about you! Take it home and feed it. I do not want to be confronted with your little show be it diaper changing or feeding while I eat a Big Mac. You should know better!

Very inappropriate of Shannon Smith to do this and put the store in an uncomfortable situation. And as for mother’s changing kids publicly in food courts, I too have witnessed this unsanitary little practice and it’s a health risk to others. Since when does being a parent allow you carte-blanche to do what you want, when you want and demand my damn tax dollars to subsidize you and your little mini-you?

There were also a few comments like this one to make me feel a little better

What a bunch of maroons some people are.
The store manager was wrong: the law says women can feed their babies wherever they want. Don’t like it? Take it up with your MNA.
The rest of you: wear a blindfold or seek psychiatric help.

but you get the picture.

I had no idea that there was such anger and disgust around the practice of breastfeeding.

It was never a question whether or not I would breastfeed. This was supported by the fact that the nurses at the hospital where I gave birth didn’t question it either. They just put Jack to my breast as if that were the only option. And they stayed up with me during the first few long days and nights when we were having …difficulties, shall we say, with the latching process. (Ouch) And they have continued to support me over the past 4 months as I am determined to continue breastfeeding Jack.

Not only was it never a question, breastfeeding is protected under various charters of human rights. Given this supportive environment I feel myself to be in, I need to say I am, the only word that comes to mind is, flabbergasted at these reactions.