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What to eat when there is nothing to eat


Earlier this week a friend of mine asked via email what I eat for breakfast since I’m not eating grains (cereal, toast…) and dairy. Some people think that without these things I must have nothing to eat. I’m ashamed that I haven’t replied yet! Between report card season at work and simultaneously trying to pack and keep a neat as a pin house for showings so that it sells, my mind is distracted.

Here’s an example of a typical breakfast. FYI it took less time to make than it took for my mother to make her toast.

It’s a mix of lettuces, leftover broccoli, apple, raisins, pumpkin seeds, a few raspberries, and 2eggs that I cooked in the microwave for 1 min while throwing everything else into the bowl. I topped it all with lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Other days I’ll have something similar but with bacon or a leftover meat. Other days a handful of mixed raw nuts and a banana. Some days I’ll throw that handful of nuts into a bowl with whatever fruits and berries I have around, maybe some pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and pour almond or coconut milk over the whole thing to satisfy an urge for cereal.

I find that when I eat protein for breakfast I’m fuller longer. And I’m full with the kind of stuff that helps to keep me growing healthy, not breads and cereals that promote inflamation and swelling and don’t offer any nutritional benefit that I don’t get in greater doses with fresh fruits, veggies, meats, fish, and nuts.

So that’s what I eat when there’s nothing to eat!

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House found – I hope! And replacing rusk cracker thingys – ideas?

House Front
So…We are in the closing stages of it but it looks like that big old house I put an offer on will be ours :) Just one little thing…I need to sell my house :) There is interest in my house, people are visiting and it just takes one person to make an acceptable offer! Send us some positive thoughts for things to fall into place by the 6th of December, please :) One good thing – with all of these visits my house has never been as clean! It’s so nice to have a consistently clean house, to not be wading through the tumbleweeds of dog hair that *ahem* sometimes form. Did you know that pugs shed like crazy? Jacob sheds way more than Toby, a lab mix 14 times his size.

I am looking for something non-grain to take the place of those little puffy rusk cracker things that babies suck on. Any ideas? I’ve recently discovered some great mom and dad blogs that talk about healthy eating as well as other healthy eating blogs that aren’t necessarily by parents…maybe someone there has suggestions? Jack is needing something he can hold and suck/gum/scratch at with his one tooth but I’m not so crazy about the idea of bringing grains into his diet. If I am consciously cutting them out of mine, why would I want to introduce them to his? Makes sense, no? So far he has been eating meat, veggies, and fruit. He has had one piece of bread that he gummed to death at Tim Horton’s while I was meeting with my real estate agent after a day of looking at houses. It kept him quiet while we rested our tired tootsies and trashed the houses we had seen that day. Boy there are a lot of dumps houses needing tlc out there! I’m glad I found the one I did :)

I’m also looking for tips for bringing baby up on a healthy, whole, clean and fresh food kinda way. I like how nom nom paleo looks at it – wanting to instill good eating habits in her kids but not being overly fanatical about it, like how she describes here:

To be sustainable, we think that Paleo eating can’t be coerced. We teach our boys about making the right food choices, and cross our fingers that they’ll actually make ‘em.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t see the bread basket their grandparents are eating from and not demand a gluten-y hunk. Or refrain from eating the mac ‘n cheese and fries. Or turn away the complimentary fizzy fruit soda that the waiter brought over to them. Or the palate-cleanser — a strawberry-orange granita — that arrived between courses. Or the celebratory piece of cake that my MIL received gratis from the restaurant. Or the humongous cone of cotton candy that was brought to every table after dinner.

I’ll admit it: I didn’t cover the kids’ eyes and hustle them away from the table. (I did, however, move the cotton candy out of reach after the kids had grabbed a few handfuls of fluffy spun sugar.)

On that note…I am hearing a few cute little sounds from the other room. Jack is starting to wake up. Time to spoil him with some tight squeezy hugs (who am I kidding, they are more for me than him) and some wonderful boob time. Can I write that on the Internet? I just did. He loves it, I love it. It’s a wonderful thing.

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Just because we haven’t posted lately…



…doesn’t mean we aren’t still eating well and keeping busy! The pictures here are of Jack feeding himself (can you believe it? Feeding himself!) a fig. They are so soft and delicious right now and he loves them.

While he ate figs with his half a tooth (yes!) I had a yummy dish of eggs scrambled with a long orange pepper and some kind of Japanese green I got at the farmers market in Ste Annes. I ate it too quickly to take any pictures :)

So our house in Hudson was quickly dropped to the side when the inspection uncovered mold. I’m now awaiting news of an offer on a nice big home in Les Cedres, a home I can see us living in for many years. Only thing…another offer went in at the same time and they had just sold their house. We went in full price because we knew another offer was in the works and I still need to sell my house. Tuesday morning is the time of reckoning…biting my nails a bit!

I have had a few visits on my home and am awaiting some feedback from yesterday’s visit. Tough to sell a home in the country, have to be patient…Also tough to keep a house clean and decluttered enough for visits with a teething 8 month old and two wacky dogs in my care. Good thing I only work 3 days a week! They are such long days though…up at 4:30 so I can walk dogs, feed and get Jack and myself ready for the day. Drive to my parents, then to work. It will be really nice once we move closer – so wish us luck!

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Sunday yum


So simple. So good.

I put frozen shrimp in a bowl with room temp water to thaw. In the meantime I sliced up an avocado and a mango. I then drained the shrimp, combined the ingredients, and sprinkled some black and red pepper with fleurs du sel over the whole thing. Took under 10 minutes.

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Finally accepting of the spaghetti squash


Yes. I used to abhor the poor little spaghetti squash. It always tasted like undercooked squash, minus the taste. Now I’ve learned to give it taste by pouring the delicious drippings from my roast chicken onto it.

Need I say more? Nope. Now I need to eat.

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Bonding with Jack…

There MUST be an easier way to get him in this thing!

squished baby

Here I am trying to wear Jack while doing some housework (explaining the bare mattress in the background…). Yes, that is a foot next to his face.

This worked much better when he was younger…

Oh, and here was breakfast! Yum!

Sunday breakfast

yellow pepper
pumpkin seeds
lime juice
black pepper
fleurs de sel
chili pepper flakes


Colourful morning meal


shrimp cooked in lime juice
yellow pepper
ground black pepper
fleurs de sel
chopped fresh mint

Jack’s having avocado

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Eating well and the importance of protein

pork and yu choy

For the past month or so I have been eating a diet incredibly lean of dairy, grains, legumes, and sugar. My dairy intake is limited to a splash in coffee (almond milk just ruins coffee) and an ice cream once in a while. I have grains when I am served them at someone’s house, so far that has been about 3 times over the past month (rice, pasta, corn). Legumes … I had some beans once when my dad served them to me. And sugar, in that ice cream and in some dark chocolate.

With those elements lacking, what do I eat? A diet high in protein, veggies, and fruit. Nuts, too.


I started this diet when I learned that grains, dairy, and sugar are all major factors in the thrush that Jack and I were passing back and forth over a period of about 2-3 weeks. It just wasn’t going away…but it’s been gone since about a week after I started to eliminate those things from my diet.

What else have I discovered? I feel better. My swelling (in joints, especially in my feet and hands) has gone WAY down and the joints aren’t stiff anymore! I get less sluggish during the day. I sleep better – probably because I used to eat a lot of sugar at the end of the day (well, throughout the whole day but gradually increasing as the day went on.) And I am losing weight without being hungry.

That is where the importance of protein lies. When I eat meals that have animal protein, I am full. I don’t necessarily feel grossly full. I just don’t feel hungry. But if all I eat is animal protein, I don’t feel right. I need those veggies and fruits to balance things out. That’s why I have been making foods like the ones you see in these pictures. Beautiful, fresh, whole foods. And I feel great.

**added on Sat., Sept. 3. I found this today on WebMD:**

High-protein diets are not a magic bullet for weight loss. But studies have shown that diets that substitute protein for carbohydrates may help people lose weight. High-protein foods move more slowly through the digestive system, helping you to feel full for a longer period of time after a meal. And your body burns more calories digesting protein than it does digesting carbs. Also, protein can help you avoid peaks and valleys of hunger by keeping your blood sugar levels relatively steady.

Another reason why I feel so awesome is that I know the food that is going into my body is also the food I am nourishing Jack with. He deserves the best and that is what I am giving him by eating good, fresh food.

But I’m not beating myself up if I feel like having some chips or ice cream – two things I love. I have them once in a while, but not almost everyday like I was before! And I’ve been tending towards these sweet potato chips I found at the IGA in Hudson. Delicious. Basically I am making healthier choices overall and being aware of what goes into this body of mine and, in turn, that body of his :)

Once in a while when I want that sweet je ne sais quoi after a meal, I make a dessert that has some honey in it, like this Banana Chocolate Cake I found over at Crossfit Rebels. It has the extra added bonus of being kosher for Passover ;)


Good morning sunshine!

What a brilliant morning! And it is quite welcome after yesterday’s wind, rain, and gloom. I don’t know if it was because of that last night but for the first time in months Jack slept in my bed. He started to cry abruptly at around 11:30 last night, after having been asleep for 3 or 4 hours. He’s been a little more thirsty lately so I let him snack on me, which usually puts him right back to sleep. Not this time. He just wasn’t getting comforted. So we went into my bed and he kicked and twisted against me for about 45 minutes while I ‘Shhhhhh, shhhhhh, shhhhhhd’ him until he finally fell back asleep. And what a gorgeous smile I got from him when his eyes opened this morning :)

Back to work
I almost started work today. I may be taking a part-time position at a very small private school close to my parents and Jack’s other grandmother’s houses. They have offered me the position and we are still somewhat talking about salary. Hopefully it will all work out. If it doesn’t then something else will :) I am feeling optimistic about going back to work and don’t want to just blindly grab whatever is offered to me. It needs to work for me, for Jack, and for the school.

I am so enjoying eating real food. It’s amazing what a simple change in diet has done for me. I just feel better. And preparing what I eat is fun, really fun. So much more fun than popping a pizza into the oven or pasta into a pot! Last night I finally made that Southeast Asian Curry Base I threatened to make a while back. It took me much longer than the 10 minutes it said it would take to prepare, about 3 times as long. But now I have curry base to last a good long time. I spread some of it onto some wild cod last night, 15 minutes in the oven at 400, then 5 minutes under the broiler and yum de yum yum yum :)

cod with curry

Of course I also now have lime leaves to last a good long time as well and Rosemary pointed me towards some possible uses for the lime leaves here. She also suggested to pop them into the freezer, which I did.

This morning’s breakfast is kinda pretty, so here it is. Cereal without grains or dairy :) What’s in there, you ask?

pumpkin seeds
brazil nuts
unsweetened shredded coconut
bananas (yes! I have my banana legs back!)
almond milk

no grain or dairy cereal

More Jack
And finally here’s some more Jack :)

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Mmmmm. Supper.



Mouth is watering. Will describe once I’ve eaten!

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