We discovered Jack’s enjoyment of the Lebanese cucumber yesterday at the Ste Anne’s farmers market. I bought some from the lovely farmers hailing from Saint Etienne de Beauharnois, took one out to eat, and he promptly grabbed the whole thing and started chomping down. I was quite pleased as he was none too happy at that point, having been re-confined to his stroller after experiencing the freedom of running around the market stealing sampling the strawberries.

So this morning he was acting all crank face while awaiting breakfast. I plopped him in his high chair and tried the Lebanese cuke cure for crankfacey boys and it worked :)


Yesterday, while he was chowing down in the stroller, we (being me, Jack, and our lovely friends Liz and Bill who we bumped into at the market) made our way through the annual antique car show that takes place every year (duh) in Ste Anne’s. So much fun and it was a perfect day for it. Beautiful and sunny. Got to gawk at the gorgeous old trucks…drool…Even managed to find a park bench in the shade to top the little boy up with some boob – much to the amusement of the old men hanging around their cars!