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Keeping cool on a hot afternoon

When the rare moment comes along, the one where I can prolong it to an hour or more by myself and actually lie down on the couch, I try to take it. Really I do. Especially now when I should probably be putting my foot up way more often than I do.

And how wonderful when that moment comes along on a hot afternoon that still manages to be enveloped in a cool breeze.

The thing is, on a hot afternoon one needs to keep the windows open to catch that cool breeze lest one poaches oneself mid-nap.

And then…this may happen.

Nap. Interrupted.

Really, how is one to nap through this?

~~ This is the 2nd of my month long series of blog posts along the theme of Hot for NaBloPoMo. ~~


Because of the heat…

…I’m nursing a foot injury that I thought would be better by now.

The heat has to do with how it happened. I went to open the back door of my decidedly un-climate-controlled house and had to give it a little push since the humidity was holding it close to the door frame. The window in the door, the very old and thin window in the door, broke into shards and fell around me and into me.

Blood. 911. Ambulance. ER. Stitches. Bandages.

And now, 2 days shy of 3 weeks later, my foot is still healing and I’m coming to realize I may have a bit of a deeper injury.

So the heat brought me some bad luck but, as the doctor said, ‘j’étais chanceuse dans ma malchance’ (I was lucky in my bad luck). The glass could have found another part of me. But, more importantly, Jack was in his highchair.

Jack. Was. In. His. Highchair.

That window was obviously going to break soon. I am so relieved it broke when and how it did.

Good thing for that heat.

~~ This was inspired by BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo August Theme – Hot ~~

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