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You don’t need eggs for meatloaf: Kid Koala (yay) and the downward spiral.

Yesterday I went to Place des Arts to see Kid Koala’s (I know I’m old, I seriously recall him playing shows while he was underage…is this possible?) Nufonia Must Fall with Jack.

(There he is, waiting for the show at Place des Arts Cinquième Salle.)

The show is absolutely a feast. The logistics behind the set up is complex yet somehow comes across as very simple. A dj in the corner, tiny puppet sets all over the place, puppeteers moving from set to set, followed by cameras, and each scene is projected behind the stage on a huge screen. The stage direction …sublime. And of course, the string quartet whose musicians, along with Kid Koala’s dj/percussion/’vocals’/etc stylings strung together the many emotions contained in the piece. Jack kept kissing my hand, thanking me for bringing him. He felt the emotion throughout the piece, yelling them out as he felt them (sorry fellow audience members!). That’s not fair! This is scary, mommy. Oh, he loves her! Look, it’s the airport! This is so cool!

It was just great. Great, too, to run into an old friend (hi T’Cha!) after the show while I was shamelessly in line to get Jack’s new copy of the book the show is based on signed by Eric :) (how could I resist?)

And then we went outside Place des Arts where the streets are still closed to cars for a few more days and saw the huge chess games set up. Jack wanted to play. The wait for a turn was too long. 

We had both been up late the night before. I spent the evening with some old friends, present for Nancy’s final shift at the bar, 

and headed home early. To be delayed by a) a holdup at the gas station (for real) and b) Kanye West fans spilling out of the Bell Centre. The police blocked access to practically every street. I finally got home and Jack was still up and had to join me while driving Sebastien home… So it was a late night for both of us.

And all I had at home was ground pork and a cauliflower… The beginnings of the calamity appeared for a few moments when he sat on the road and refused to move when I said we couldn’t stay. Somehow I convinced him to walk with me (yes, we’ll be playing chess, no matter how long the wait, after kung fu later today) to the car, get in, and drive to the grocery store. 

I have a long standing rule. If you walk away from me in a store and I need to spend more energy looking for you than shopping, we leave the cart where it is and go home. I’ve had to follow through with that rule only once before, about 2 years ago. Well, I should have done the shopping earlier in the day when he had more of a chance of sticking near me in the store. Needless to say, the cart was left next to the eggs, and I walked out holding a screeching little boy by the hand. We are not leaving, mommy! No! Turn around! The soundtrack skipped on that track until we got home. It looked something like this by the time we got to our driveway.

So he played chess on his own (he won) while I made the last of our food into dinner and then we ate it while watching The Lego Movie and finished our day dancing to Everything is Awesome (I know it now, Kelly!) before heading to bed, the two of us, before 8pm. 

It turns out you don’t need eggs for meatloaf to work. 

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New Year Moments

What better way to start the year than with a bowl of noodle soup?


Noodle soup for New Year has been with me since I lived in Korea some, holy crap, 20 years ago.

Jack tolerated soup for breakfast but somehow he is not a fan (his words) of soup. Here is the evidence.


Noodles? Gone.
Duck meat? Gone.
Soup broth? Not gone.

Where did this little creature come from? I can eat soup for every meal.

(Hang on, I just realized it actually has been 20 years since I first moved to Korea. I still think of eating at certain restaurants (…I wonder if they still exist…) This also means that I am in my 20th year of teaching. What?)

After suffering through the soup, we had the time for some operation déneigement in the kitchen


(obviously inspired by the two days of beep-beep-beeping as the city cleaned up the 40 some odd centimeters that floated mercilessly down in roughly one day of weather)

before heading out to see Peter Pan at the Hudson Village Theatre where Jack had an awesome time yelling boooooo at the pirates and clapping for Tinkerbell but I had an even better time realizing that I was watching my old, old friend (from even before that 20 yr old sojourn in Korea…yeah, old) John Sheridan performing on stage! What a flipping treat! Jack is pretty much in love with him because he let him play on the stage after the show and even brought him backstage, mommy! Somehow I did not take a picture of the two of them…which would have been an even bigger treat since John was dressed in shimmery blues and silvers and purples as King Neptune. But I did get a picture of Jack and this thing outside of the theatre.


Then what did we do? We went home, ate duck and soup (you can guess who had the duck and who had the soup…), and went for a walk to make sure that the little boy slept a good night, just in case the up until midnight on New Year’s Eve and the excitement of Peter Pan just wasn’t enough.


(and if you think it was easy getting him to stand still long enough to take this picture of our shadows then you don’t know Jack.)

And now… Now I have a very rare 24 hrs to myself and I am spending some of it thinking about our first few moments of the New Year.

Good food. Good play. Old friends. Time outside.

Life is good.

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Supper and Play

I’ve been working full-time since November and it has definitely been a challenge. The biggest one being finding that quality time to spend with Jack just playing. Tonight’s supper allowed us to play in the backyard while it cooked… for the most part. Awesome.

And there are leftovers. Even better.


(Like the plants? They are useful for hiding a multitude of sins in the sink…)


  1. Pick up some chicken at the butcher on the way home
  2. Park and drag bags, the jacket you shed as the temperature climbed, and that travel coffee mug that’s been taking up prime real estate in the car cup-holders for way too long into the house
  3. Preheat oven to 400
  4. Plop the chicken parts into the roasting pan, sprinkle olive oil and whatever spices strike your fancy over them, then smooj (not a typo) it all over evenly with a brush or your fingers
  5. Slide into oven, not caring a whit if it has finished preheating or not
  6. Call daycare so she can prepare Jack for the fact that I’m coming in an attempt to ward off the Noooooooo Mommy that might happen otherwise and then walk on over
  7. Walk to the post box while holding the boy’s fire boots and fire jacket he insisted on wearing that morning
  8. Transfer contents of mail box to recycling bin while juggling firefighter gear
  9. Detour past the firehouse to catch a glimpse of the firetruck through the window
  10. Head home and play in the yard for another 45 minutes or so
  11. Take shoes off and replace with fireboots
  12. Empty fireboots of sand from sandbox periodically aka every 20 seconds or so
  13. Somehow convince the boy of the merits of going inside the house in order to prep and steam the fiddleheads
  14. 10 minutes later take chicken out and cut little pieces of chicken flesh off of the bone while listening to cries of frustration when the boy’s plastic toy aka homemade makeshift ‘train hole’ “keeps not working”
  15. Make new train holes out of tomato casseaus
  16. Put fiddleheads on plates with chicken, squeeze some lemon juice, forgetting about the paper cut for a brief moment. ouch.
  17. Enjoy your meal while watching the little boy play with his new favourite ‘train holes’ in between bites of dinner


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Keeping cool on a hot afternoon

When the rare moment comes along, the one where I can prolong it to an hour or more by myself and actually lie down on the couch, I try to take it. Really I do. Especially now when I should probably be putting my foot up way more often than I do.

And how wonderful when that moment comes along on a hot afternoon that still manages to be enveloped in a cool breeze.

The thing is, on a hot afternoon one needs to keep the windows open to catch that cool breeze lest one poaches oneself mid-nap.

And then…this may happen.

Nap. Interrupted.

Really, how is one to nap through this?

~~ This is the 2nd of my month long series of blog posts along the theme of Hot for NaBloPoMo. ~~


Because of the heat…

…I’m nursing a foot injury that I thought would be better by now.

The heat has to do with how it happened. I went to open the back door of my decidedly un-climate-controlled house and had to give it a little push since the humidity was holding it close to the door frame. The window in the door, the very old and thin window in the door, broke into shards and fell around me and into me.

Blood. 911. Ambulance. ER. Stitches. Bandages.

And now, 2 days shy of 3 weeks later, my foot is still healing and I’m coming to realize I may have a bit of a deeper injury.

So the heat brought me some bad luck but, as the doctor said, ‘j’étais chanceuse dans ma malchance’ (I was lucky in my bad luck). The glass could have found another part of me. But, more importantly, Jack was in his highchair.

Jack. Was. In. His. Highchair.

That window was obviously going to break soon. I am so relieved it broke when and how it did.

Good thing for that heat.

~~ This was inspired by BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo August Theme – Hot ~~

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Best. Game. Ever.

I go into child pose.
Jack drives his little cars all over my back.

Little boy gets to play with his mommy.
Mommy gets to nap.


Best. Game. Ever.


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Passover with Jack

It’s Pesach, the first Seder was last night so yesterday morning was spent making desserts to bring to my parents ‘ house while singing Ma Nishtanh and Daiyanu with Jack…along with help from various singers on YouTube. He definitely prefers Ma Nishtanah. Funny, thought Daiyanu would be more fun.

First off, can I mention how easy it is to bake for Passover when one doesn’t eat grains to begin with? :)

I made moist and decadent spicy chocolate cookies.

Blend these in one bowl:
1/2 cup of cocoa
5 oz ground almonds (a little over 1/2 cup)
Almost a Tbsp of cinnamon
About 1/8 of a tsp of ground chilli peppers

Blend these in another bowl:
1/2 cup of honey
1/3 cup egg white (about 2 large eggs worth)
1/2 tsp vanilla
2.5 Tbsp butter

Mix the two together

I used a teaspoon to make small dollops on a cookie sheet (filled almost 2 cookie sheets)

I baked for 8 minutes at 325 degrees.

Rich, chocolatey, with a hint of spicy.

Jack LOVED the Seder. What could be better than to play with books, point at things, and eat for hours on end while surrounded by the people you love?

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Still boiling (almost) 5 months later…


That was back in June. It’s now almost November and there is still no reason provided. And we are still boiling water. At least now the extra heat created from boiling pots of water on a daily basis is welcome, it was less so in the extreme heat of the summer…

According to the last notice we received on Oct 23, there may be an end in sight by the week of Nov 5 – a full 5 months later. It will be nice to be able to turn on the tap to rinse my lettuce, brush my teeth, give my son a bath…

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Testing out the spoon







I decided it was time for Jack to try cutlery and I figured a spoon with sticky food might be the most…successful. I was right! I must admit, I only took pictures of the beginning of breakfast…I’ll leave the rest to your imagination :)

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Laughing through the busy times

As it happens each year at this time, I begin to write more blog posts as I start to shed the busy-ness of the school year. And, even though I was only working 4 days/week, this had to have been the busiest one yet with the little growing Jack monster by my side to keep me hopping.

If there is one thing (and there are more, believe you me) that Jack has taught me is that a busy life can be lived and loved and I don’t even need a nap to get through it! Even in the busy-ness there is always time to sit and laugh together, it’s what holds me to the people around me. He is changing at breakneck speed, yet at the same time he is always Jack. We sit and laugh together a lot. I love this little boy.

jack laughs :)

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