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Cucumbers and Car Shows

We discovered Jack’s enjoyment of the Lebanese cucumber yesterday at the Ste Anne’s farmers market. I bought some from the lovely farmers hailing from Saint Etienne de Beauharnois, took one out to eat, and he promptly grabbed the whole thing and started chomping down. I was quite pleased as he was none too happy at that point, having been re-confined to his stroller after experiencing the freedom of running around the market stealing sampling the strawberries.

So this morning he was acting all crank face while awaiting breakfast. I plopped him in his high chair and tried the Lebanese cuke cure for crankfacey boys and it worked :)


Yesterday, while he was chowing down in the stroller, we (being me, Jack, and our lovely friends Liz and Bill who we bumped into at the market) made our way through the annual antique car show that takes place every year (duh) in Ste Anne’s. So much fun and it was a perfect day for it. Beautiful and sunny. Got to gawk at the gorgeous old trucks…drool…Even managed to find a park bench in the shade to top the little boy up with some boob – much to the amusement of the old men hanging around their cars!

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He walks!

I finally had my phone in my hand while he was walking around :)

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What’s making me smile today?


Jack playing with a jack :)

Sleeping in and nowhere to go.

Sharing some eggs with arugula and avocado with Mr. Jack.

Warming temperatures!

What’s got you smiling today?


Lovely quilt for Jack by Allison!

As I work on that sewing room I realize that I never did share the pictures of the absolutely gorgeous play quilt my sister made for Jack.


It’s magnificent. So far I have only found 1 piece of material that was used more than once. Allison wrote about the quilt on her blog, Within a Quarter Inch, if you are interested in the creative process.

Yesterday morning I tried to get a picture of Jack and the quilt. He was having too much fun to stop and pose so here are some action shots!

(ps – those are the newly finished post-flood oak floors its lying on…)





New ride, new glasses, and breastfeeding at Fairview


Yesterday we tested out our new (to us) 3-wheeler stroller at Fairview. It is awesome! Such a smooth ride!

We were at Fairview looking for glasses. Yes, I need progressives…oy. Of course I took about an hour and a half choosing a pair and we were both famished by the end of it. I made my way to the food court, found some yummy shrimp rolls – only fresh veggies and shrimp in a special treat of a rice paper, mmm – and contemplated how I was going to negotiate some boob time for Jack in my decidedly un-breastfeeding friendly top (though it was cute) amidst all of the distractions a food court can offer a 1 year old…when I noticed a little sign, a little baby sign. So I went to investigate.

On closer inspection, I read ‘La salle d’allaitement’ (breastfeeding room) under that little baby sign. Interesting…I thought. As we rolled towards the door it opened automatically for us. How nice to not have to back up to a door and hold it open with my butt! We entered a space made up of two bright and cheery rooms with couches and paintings made from children’s art. It was clean, quiet, peaceful – perfect!


Fairview totally rocks with this room. How long has it been there? I am not one to hide while feeding Jack but that was such an oasis at the end of the afternoon! No balancing on little molded chairs while Jack twists the boob from hither to yon as he tries to simultaneously eat and see everything that’s going on around us.

On another note, I’m about to set up my sewing room. Wish me luck. This is its present state…


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Still camping out

A week ago today my living room ceiling opened in deluge and we are still camping out at my parents house, there are still fans and dehumidifiers throughout the house, and the upstairs toilet is still in the hallway.

I am very lucky that my parents are close by and willing to take us all in, especially since Jacob (the dog, not the boy, he’s Jack) at times chooses inopportune places to, uh, protest the lack of walks. Needless to say we are all off schedule! Jack (the boy, not the dog) is being fed by 3 different people and somehow managed to have a diet of just about only fruit yesterday while I was at work…imagine the diaper…

Speaking of little Jacky, one week from today he will be 1 year old! My life has completely changed and it hasn’t. Difficult to put into words but that is how it feels. A year ago I had no idea how much I’d crave his little tooth-dotted grin. Or how he loves to hug, really loves to hug. But lucky me he’s a good sleeper so I’m still able to do a few crafty things, play my computer games, fart around on facebook, read in bed, cook…that kind of thing.

This morning I go to meet the plumber who will put my toilet back in place and replace a drain pipe and hopefully find nothing else that needs to be fixed…I’ll also swing by a store to buy a new playpen for Jack as his got ruined in the flood. Tuesday, Sinisco is supposed to come pick up the last of the noisy machines. The estimator did his work 2 days ago so the renovations will hopefully get going soon. I’m hoping we will be able to move back home for a bit, at least once the machines that make the house sound like a runway are gone. We love it here but we miss being home!

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It could always be worse…

…but this morning was not so much fun as I watched the water pour through my living room ceiling, then through the oak floor, into the crawlspace below. Nor was it too much fun as I realized that the less than 3 week old wall-to-wall carpeting in the upstairs hallway and my bedroom had been soaking up said water before it siphoned its way between the slats of the hardwood ceiling to drip into Jack’s playpen, soak the couch, and sponge into the gyproc on the other side of one of the hardwood lined walls.

And now that I am sitting here watching and feeling my cup-size increase exponentially as the hours that the apres sinsitre men (from sinisco – very nice and professional men) work away at drying out this house add up. I have to smile.

My dogs are waiting patiently behind a baby gate in the laundry room, my father came to pick up Jack so I could be free to deal with whatever came up. The firemen arrived really quickly (yay Les Cedres firemen) and cleaned up much of the water and helped me to find the elusive main valve in the crawlspace. A friend of mine found me a plumber to come tomorrow morning after all of phone calls I made to the plumbers I tried to contact were met with answering machines: on holiday! And I’ll be spending the night with Jack and the dogs at my parents house, where my father is fixing a roast beef dinner.

Besides the ton of money that I will soon be parting with, if engorgement is the highlight of the pain I am feeling right now, I count my lucky stars and repeat:

It could always be worse.

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Life is always exciting. Always.

The phone rang at 9pm last night. I was in bed, texting with my agent (awesome agent. Roselyne Groleau Parker. If you need an agent, she’ll work her butt off for you!), about the fact that yes, indeed, I was about to be served notice that I had 72 hours to either prove financing for the home I want to buy without the condition that my present home sells first or walk away from it.

So it wasn’t a surprise to hear the phone ring and then to get the message from the telegram service that the 72 hour clause was being invoked as of 9pm Friday.

Pretty jerky if you ask me. To present proof of financing at 9pm on a Friday so that most of my 72 hours happens over a weekend, when the banks (at least for these kinds of purposes) are generally closed. In my mind bad karma was invoked at the same time.

So now I need to decide if I want to gamble on my house potentially not selling by the Dec. 7 closing date. Which would result in the carrying of two mortgages as of 3 days later. Not so much fun. I am pretty much an eternal optimist though and my heart tugs in the direction of – it will sell. And if it doesn’t, it’s only money, right? :)

I do love this new house. I loved that it had a great inspection. The house has good bones. I also love that it is a house that we can continue to grow into. As my dad said last night – yin and yang: the house in Hudson I loved because it was small, this one because it is big. Maybe that’s part of the optimist in me – I see the good in each situation! With this house I also love the covered porch that runs the whole front of the house, the country village setting, the floor plan that allows for an easy division of space between me & Jack and my dogs. I don’t always want Jacob licking Jack’s face and smelling his bum as he crawls around. Mostly it has great bones. I could always find a house with plenty of rooms but one of this vintage that has been lovingly cared for and as such is still in such great shape? And is still in the country yet only 20 minutes from my family and friends?

This is what I am thinking about as my 72 hours slowly winds down to 9pm Monday night.

Luckily I also have plenty of other things to think about to keep my brain from exploding (or to facilitate the matter, take your pick :)) As soon as I complete this post I will be scrubbing my house and making it shiny since my real estate agent on this side of the border, Vicki Vanderveen (a very personable, level headed agent, if you are looking for someone in the Lancaster area), will be bringing in two separate visits today! Woohoo! Correcting and planning – including how to address a 16 year-old’s speech issues in a way that is not embarrassing for him – for the week to come will take up much of tomorrow. And of course there is Jack who takes up a little of my time and mind space :) Come to think of it, I’m surprised he hasn’t made any noise yet this morning. It is 6:20 and my brain will not be the only thing to explode if he doesn’t eat very soon! I think I may even have to wake him up. Did you know he turned 9 months old yesterday? What a big boy!

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House found – I hope! And replacing rusk cracker thingys – ideas?

House Front
So…We are in the closing stages of it but it looks like that big old house I put an offer on will be ours :) Just one little thing…I need to sell my house :) There is interest in my house, people are visiting and it just takes one person to make an acceptable offer! Send us some positive thoughts for things to fall into place by the 6th of December, please :) One good thing – with all of these visits my house has never been as clean! It’s so nice to have a consistently clean house, to not be wading through the tumbleweeds of dog hair that *ahem* sometimes form. Did you know that pugs shed like crazy? Jacob sheds way more than Toby, a lab mix 14 times his size.

I am looking for something non-grain to take the place of those little puffy rusk cracker things that babies suck on. Any ideas? I’ve recently discovered some great mom and dad blogs that talk about healthy eating as well as other healthy eating blogs that aren’t necessarily by parents…maybe someone there has suggestions? Jack is needing something he can hold and suck/gum/scratch at with his one tooth but I’m not so crazy about the idea of bringing grains into his diet. If I am consciously cutting them out of mine, why would I want to introduce them to his? Makes sense, no? So far he has been eating meat, veggies, and fruit. He has had one piece of bread that he gummed to death at Tim Horton’s while I was meeting with my real estate agent after a day of looking at houses. It kept him quiet while we rested our tired tootsies and trashed the houses we had seen that day. Boy there are a lot of dumps houses needing tlc out there! I’m glad I found the one I did :)

I’m also looking for tips for bringing baby up on a healthy, whole, clean and fresh food kinda way. I like how nom nom paleo looks at it – wanting to instill good eating habits in her kids but not being overly fanatical about it, like how she describes here:

To be sustainable, we think that Paleo eating can’t be coerced. We teach our boys about making the right food choices, and cross our fingers that they’ll actually make ‘em.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t see the bread basket their grandparents are eating from and not demand a gluten-y hunk. Or refrain from eating the mac ‘n cheese and fries. Or turn away the complimentary fizzy fruit soda that the waiter brought over to them. Or the palate-cleanser — a strawberry-orange granita — that arrived between courses. Or the celebratory piece of cake that my MIL received gratis from the restaurant. Or the humongous cone of cotton candy that was brought to every table after dinner.

I’ll admit it: I didn’t cover the kids’ eyes and hustle them away from the table. (I did, however, move the cotton candy out of reach after the kids had grabbed a few handfuls of fluffy spun sugar.)

On that note…I am hearing a few cute little sounds from the other room. Jack is starting to wake up. Time to spoil him with some tight squeezy hugs (who am I kidding, they are more for me than him) and some wonderful boob time. Can I write that on the Internet? I just did. He loves it, I love it. It’s a wonderful thing.

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7 things about me because I’m a versatile blogger :)

I was pleasantly surprised to see a comment from Glo at Glo Sews awarding me The Versatile Blogger award!

I’ve been plugging away at this blog since just after Jack was born in a way to document our little life together. It’s nice to see that others are reading. I’m touched that Glo passed the award on to me – and she’s from Tennessee. I visited Tennessee a few times about oh…could it be almost 20 years ago? And I loved being there. Thanks Glo! Go visit her blog to see her interesting posts about sewing and crafts.

By accepting this award I agree to do the following:

  • Thank the blogger who awarded me with a link back to him/her.
  • Share seven things about myself.
  • Pass the award on to fifteen other newly discovered blogs.
    Here is the list of award-winning blogs :)

7 things about me

1 – I have the best little boy ever! He’s 8 months old and has started to scoot around the house. He spends most of his time exploring what is around him and smiling and laughing at everyone.


2 – I am in the process of selling my lovely home in the country and purchasing another home closer to my family and friends in Montreal. If I get the one I put an offer on on Friday (I can barely think about it! I want it very much!) I’ll still be in a country setting but in a village and only 20 minutes away from my parents aka Jack’s daycare and work. Things would really go smoother if one of the people who have already visited my house would put an offer on the table for me TODAY since that could firm up my offer on the new (figuratively speaking…it was built in 1924) house because there is ANOTHER offer on it as well! Ack.

Here’s my house on a bright sunny day, click it to go to the listing (plug, plug)

3 – I have changed my diet to cut out sugars, dairy, and grains, as well as most legumes. I did it at first because of a tenacious case of thrush that Jack and I were sharing and now I continue to do so because I just feel better. I am also sleeping better and my joints no longer hurt me the way they were before. I’m eating good food, just nothing processed. Once in a while I do have my ice cream and my chips, the other day I had a croissant. I’m not banning myself from certain foods. I find that I generally don’t want to eat those things that make me feel bad and keep me up at night.

4 – I like that I have started to make things with my hands again. I’ve moved from painting to sewing. Lately I have been preoccupied with starting work again and the house hunt so I have not made anything in about a month but I have a few projects in my head. One may even make its way out of there today!

5 – I really enjoy my morning coffee and I love that Jack lets me have a coffee before he wakes up to eat in the morning :)

6 – My dogs crack me up. They can be big pains, too. Like when Toby gets on the couch and licks at his paw while, in the process, soaking the couch with his licking. Eww. And how Jacob snores at night and hogs the bed, oh and that time he ate the duvet. Picture it for a moment… But they still crack me up. And Jack seems to enjoy them too. He and Jacob like to touch foreheads through the mesh on the play pen.

7 – My parents are awesome. I am there multiple times a week since having Jack. They are his daycare, allowing me to return to work 3 days a week even though Jack is still so little. Sometimes I just go there to have another set of arms or two to plop him into while I lie down on the couch for a while! They even put up with Toby and Jacob from time to time. Really awesome!

My dad feeding Jack pears

My dad feeding Jack pears

Jack with Grandma on the left and Bubbie on the right

Jack with Grandma on the left and Bubbie on the right

And now I just have to pass the award on! Woo hoo – an excuse to fart around looking at cute and crafty blogs :)