It doesn’t take much to make me happy these days, like life-changing happy. Something as simple as finding local bacon that has a short ingredients list


Or, even more exciting, finding an online farmers market that I can order it from on a weekly basis if I wanted. And I do want :) is my latest discovery and it rocks. Last week I ordered a mix of meats and veggies, with the intention of picking the order up in Vaudreuil on the designated pick up day but the night before I received a call asking if I would mind having my order delivered to my house instead. Awesome. Everything was fresh and gorgeous.

This morning I googled (actually I yahooed, google is disappointing me as of late) kale and bacon, two of my marchegourmet purchases, and found a delightfully simple dish here. I modified it a tad by adding some thinly sliced onion about 1/2 way through the bacon cooking and using lemon juice instead of vinegar. Oh, and I stirred in some fresh thyme and tomato as I took the skillet off the burner.

I think Jack agrees it was rather yummy.


If it’s the small, simple things that are making me happy, maybe those things are actually the big things. Maybe.