He walks!

I finally had my phone in my hand while he was walking around :)

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A white breakfast for Jack

I have not yet met a food that Jack does not shovel into his mouth with reckless abandon. The other day he enjoyed a triumvirate of white goodness

  • Chicken
  • Cauliflower
  • Banana

It wasn’t planned, it just happened that way :)


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What’s making me smile today?


Jack playing with a jack :)

Sleeping in and nowhere to go.

Sharing some eggs with arugula and avocado with Mr. Jack.

Warming temperatures!

What’s got you smiling today?


Lovely quilt for Jack by Allison!

As I work on that sewing room I realize that I never did share the pictures of the absolutely gorgeous play quilt my sister made for Jack.


It’s magnificent. So far I have only found 1 piece of material that was used more than once. Allison wrote about the quilt on her blog, Within a Quarter Inch, if you are interested in the creative process.

Yesterday morning I tried to get a picture of Jack and the quilt. He was having too much fun to stop and pose so here are some action shots!

(ps – those are the newly finished post-flood oak floors its lying on…)





New ride, new glasses, and breastfeeding at Fairview


Yesterday we tested out our new (to us) 3-wheeler stroller at Fairview. It is awesome! Such a smooth ride!

We were at Fairview looking for glasses. Yes, I need progressives…oy. Of course I took about an hour and a half choosing a pair and we were both famished by the end of it. I made my way to the food court, found some yummy shrimp rolls – only fresh veggies and shrimp in a special treat of a rice paper, mmm – and contemplated how I was going to negotiate some boob time for Jack in my decidedly un-breastfeeding friendly top (though it was cute) amidst all of the distractions a food court can offer a 1 year old…when I noticed a little sign, a little baby sign. So I went to investigate.

On closer inspection, I read ‘La salle d’allaitement’ (breastfeeding room) under that little baby sign. Interesting…I thought. As we rolled towards the door it opened automatically for us. How nice to not have to back up to a door and hold it open with my butt! We entered a space made up of two bright and cheery rooms with couches and paintings made from children’s art. It was clean, quiet, peaceful – perfect!


Fairview totally rocks with this room. How long has it been there? I am not one to hide while feeding Jack but that was such an oasis at the end of the afternoon! No balancing on little molded chairs while Jack twists the boob from hither to yon as he tries to simultaneously eat and see everything that’s going on around us.

On another note, I’m about to set up my sewing room. Wish me luck. This is its present state…


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Jack says that liver is yummy

…or at least he would if he said screetched more than

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • mommommommom
  • ah ah ah ah
  • nanananana
  • bababababababa
  • aheh aheh

The other night I put some thinly sliced onions to fry in coconut oil and while that was happening I threw

  • coconut flour
  • paprika
  • garlic salt
  • ginger
  • cumin
  • black pepper

in a baggie, followed by some beef liver. Shook it all up, added it to the pan and a few minutes later we were eating the most delicious liver and onions, if I do say so myself.

It was so good I ate some cold leftovers the next morning :)

And Jack loved it!

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Family Rules

Lately I find that people are sharing like mad, sharing inspirational images and quotations, that is, on Facebook. I saw this one this morning and I love it. Love, love, love it. This one will be enlarged and hung in our kitchen, which is (or will be…given the state of renovations at the moment…) the heart of the home. (Actually, it still is the heart of the home since it is just about the only room that is usable (despite the plastic wall that hangs over half of it), other than my and Jack’s bedrooms – and mine is serving double duty as my office.)

Family Rules

Why do I like these so much as rules? They are not prohibitive, they are generative. They foster growth and not limits. I firmly believe that we can manage families (and classrooms, for that matter) through rules like these. We don’t need to tell people what not to do, to limit their reach.

What do you think?

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Still camping out

A week ago today my living room ceiling opened in deluge and we are still camping out at my parents house, there are still fans and dehumidifiers throughout the house, and the upstairs toilet is still in the hallway.

I am very lucky that my parents are close by and willing to take us all in, especially since Jacob (the dog, not the boy, he’s Jack) at times chooses inopportune places to, uh, protest the lack of walks. Needless to say we are all off schedule! Jack (the boy, not the dog) is being fed by 3 different people and somehow managed to have a diet of just about only fruit yesterday while I was at work…imagine the diaper…

Speaking of little Jacky, one week from today he will be 1 year old! My life has completely changed and it hasn’t. Difficult to put into words but that is how it feels. A year ago I had no idea how much I’d crave his little tooth-dotted grin. Or how he loves to hug, really loves to hug. But lucky me he’s a good sleeper so I’m still able to do a few crafty things, play my computer games, fart around on facebook, read in bed, cook…that kind of thing.

This morning I go to meet the plumber who will put my toilet back in place and replace a drain pipe and hopefully find nothing else that needs to be fixed…I’ll also swing by a store to buy a new playpen for Jack as his got ruined in the flood. Tuesday, Sinisco is supposed to come pick up the last of the noisy machines. The estimator did his work 2 days ago so the renovations will hopefully get going soon. I’m hoping we will be able to move back home for a bit, at least once the machines that make the house sound like a runway are gone. We love it here but we miss being home!

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It could always be worse…

…but this morning was not so much fun as I watched the water pour through my living room ceiling, then through the oak floor, into the crawlspace below. Nor was it too much fun as I realized that the less than 3 week old wall-to-wall carpeting in the upstairs hallway and my bedroom had been soaking up said water before it siphoned its way between the slats of the hardwood ceiling to drip into Jack’s playpen, soak the couch, and sponge into the gyproc on the other side of one of the hardwood lined walls.

And now that I am sitting here watching and feeling my cup-size increase exponentially as the hours that the apres sinsitre men (from sinisco – very nice and professional men) work away at drying out this house add up. I have to smile.

My dogs are waiting patiently behind a baby gate in the laundry room, my father came to pick up Jack so I could be free to deal with whatever came up. The firemen arrived really quickly (yay Les Cedres firemen) and cleaned up much of the water and helped me to find the elusive main valve in the crawlspace. A friend of mine found me a plumber to come tomorrow morning after all of phone calls I made to the plumbers I tried to contact were met with answering machines: on holiday! And I’ll be spending the night with Jack and the dogs at my parents house, where my father is fixing a roast beef dinner.

Besides the ton of money that I will soon be parting with, if engorgement is the highlight of the pain I am feeling right now, I count my lucky stars and repeat:

It could always be worse.

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Jack’s Law


Without fail, no matter how long the car trip, Jack will fall asleep 5 minutes before arrival.

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