Didn’t I promise to reveal my surprise once it was done?

Not so quick, first you have to read about how it came to be.

  1. From even before Jack was born, I wanted to create some kind of painting for his wall incorporating the lyrics ‘you are my sunshine, my only sunshine’. I though I’d have plenty of time between finishing work and giving birth to do so and I certainly did have time since I left work even earlier than expected but that was to nurse some injured ribs so it just never happened. Then once he was born, well, it just never happened again. So FINALLY I saw the ‘Use Your Words’ contest at PrudenBaby.com and thought – serendipity! It’s going to happen!
  2. A few weeks ago I purchase a great (as in nice as well as huge!) painted frame at a garage sale for $5. I knew I liked it but had no idea how I was going to incorporate it’s 38×26 girth into my house. Another serendipitous moment :)
  3. And finally, I’m starting to love working with felt. Especially the not having to make a hem aspect of it – no fraying! I also love the brilliant colours that are available with it.

With all of these things coming together so serendipitously (love that word. Have you noticed I’ve now used it in three different forms?) you’d think I’d have jumped to the challenge and completed the project almost as soon as I found out about it, right? These things don’t happen so quickly with a 4 month old at home… so yes, I was up until 2:59 Sunday (Monday morning) getting this sucker finished to submit it by the deadline, which happened to be 11:59 PST Sunday, June 5th. One thing I kind of forgot about was having to hang it and take pictures of it over Jack’s bed once it was done. I have the best boy ever – he totally slept through the moving of the crib into the hallway, the hammering of the nails (twice!), the moving of the crib back to where it belonged, and the click-click-flash of the picture taking. Yay Jack!

I’m happy with the project but not so happy with the pictures. Since it was nighttime I had to turn on the light, which happens to be directly above the left of the frame (very, very low ceilings upstairs) and it’s just hard to take a good picture in a room that’s as small as his. I think it definitely looks better in person. If you like you can come for tea to see it live. Anytime :) Also, I attached the piece to the frame with double-sided tape, which I discovered isn’t the best thing to attach it with. I was being a bit lazy, not wanting to staple it but I see now that in order to get rid of the wibbly marks around the stuffed clouds I will need to get a good stretch on so will have to staple it. That will eventually get done :) Also what will eventually get done is making more of those birdy mobile creatures to hang in front of it. So far I have caught Jack looking at the birds and the picture both of the mornings it’s been in his room – Yay!

Ok, you can look at the pictures now!

From the front

From the front. Just couldn't get that owl to pose for the picture.

Side view owl

Side view owl - I had to take it on the slant for him to pose properly.

All the words

All the words - here you can kind of see all of the words I used in the project

Sunshine detail

Sunshine detail

Tweet and Sun

Tweet and Sun - pretty self explanatory

View from below

View from below - again, pretty self explanatory

Morning View

Morning View