Last night we had a major storm. I mean major. I was woken up by wind and rain blowing over my face, lightning and thunder underlining the slamming doors, meowing cats, whimpering big dog, and cries from Jack. So at midnight I was running around closing windows, replacing the screen in the dining room window that had blown in, mopping up the mini lake that was developing in the dining room and kitchen, and getting Annie back into the bathroom (still have not found her a home. I can’t bring myself to bring her in to a shelter but man she deserves a better life!) Oh, but all of that had to wait until I untangled Jack’s little legs from the huge mobile that was hanging in front of his window until it was blown off of its hook and into his crib! Never saw that one coming – it hangs a good 2 feet away from his crib.

Needless to say, it took a little while to soothe my poor little beast and even longer for me to fall back asleep. This morning is beautiful and sunny. What a difference from last night – the only reminder of the storm are the trees that have fallen over out behind one of my sheds. How do I fix that?!

Sewing or whatever you want to call it
Just because I haven’t been posting lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to stuff. Creatively speaking, I’ve been working on my stuffed felt bird mobile creatures – here is one in progress.

Northern Cardinal

Look closely, someone's spying on you!

I’m building up a few of them – some mobiles and some plush toys – to put on my new Etsy site Tracy & Jack. I’ll definitely let you know when it’s up and running. I may also put a few other things on that site, like these little embroidered onesies. Tee hee :)


Getting healthy
Jack turned 6 months on July 21st and I’ve been sore, stiff, swollen, tired. I’m fed up with that so I’m taking some measures to fix it. I’ve started trying to eat a bit better, fewer grains and more fresh, unprocessed foods. Have began to be more active by going to Caveman Strong in Cornwall. And have been going to Earthway Family Chiropractic, also in Cornwall. Just taking those first steps already makes me feel better, I’ll keep you posted as to how things develop on the longer term as they do.

Last week Jack and I went to visit our friendly neighbourhood Breastfeeding Clinic (yeah right, if my neighbourhood was in Montreal…) because all of a sudden breastfeeding was becoming painful again. Argh! Has anyone ever experienced thrush in a baby’s mouth while nursing? More pointed, has anyone ever experienced the treatment for thrush in the nursing baby? It involves Gentian Violet…needless to say I felt like I belonged in a burlesque show! And poor little Jack had a purple mouth for a few days :)

Purple Face

His aim is not always the best...hence the purple around the nose!

So no more pain! Yay, so Jack can keep receiving his main nutrition via moi to ensure that he is the healthiest he can be even while he is experimenting with…solid foods! So far he has tried Sweet Potato and Chicken. He isn’t always sure about having the food in his mouth at the start of a feeding session (Yes, a session. It lasts forever!) but he always opens his little mouth for more each time I show him the food on the end of my finger (I really need to buy a baby spoon…) and he doesn’t spit it back out.

Look – here is his very first meal!

sweet potato with spoon

The spoon didn't last for too long. I think I need a rubber tipped one with less depth.

sweet potato

Ahh...much easier with the finger :)

What have you been up to lately?