Fyi I’m working on that skirt now. Really. Stay tuned for a picture of the finished piece!

So when there are 5 numbers on a ruler it doesn’t mean 5 inches. It means 6. I somehow knew that for one set of pockets, not the other. Rip, rip, rip…there’s got to be a faster way to rip out stitches….

Pocket stitches ripped. Believe it or not, off to get a sweater and socks. My dad likes a cold house. It’s freezing down here.

Wow, Jack’s giving me a great gift of a nap! Oh crap, typed too soon. Going to warm up outside for a bit while I give him some boob.

Something to be said for being generous with the pins. More pins = a smoother seam.

OK. Maybe I went overboard…


Waiting for the iron to warm up. Man sewing takes long. What’s with this having to fold up, press, fold up some more, press some more, and then sewing a hem?

Quickly deciding that sewing is annoying. At least, sewing clothes is. Little toutous don’t need measured hems. That kind of sewing isn’t as annoying.

Fyi. Plastic tipped pins, while great for ease of use and protecting the fingers, are less great when ironing a hem. Just saying.

Ok then. Bottom hem done, sides sewn together. Calling it a day before I attempt the casing for the elastic. To be continued…