We are homeschooling this year* because our government won’t give us the choice of distance learning during a pandemic. I have a lot to say about that but for now, I will just introduce us: Tracy and Jack, a mother and son, doing our best to learn and to stay healthy together during these difficult times.

*edit: that was the 2020-2021 school year. Jack and I went back to school in 2021-2022… until January. I was actually his classroom teacher and I pulled both of us out of the system in January 2022 when Covid cases were extremely high and our government let teachers know that we were dispensable. When we got sick – no worries, they’d replace us with non-teaching supervisors and our colleagues could teach multiple groups at once with the assistance of the supervisors. I decided that it wasn’t a safe environment for anyone.

As of this edit (August 2022), the plan is for Jack to return to school for Grade 6 but I will not be returning to public education in this province. The CAQ government is destroying its spirit.

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