The beginning of the Social Studies workbook we received from the school before Jack left for homeschooling is all about Quebec geography. So Jack is building maps in Minecraft.

His first map is really a map. He is recreating the outline of a map of Quebec with Minecraft blocks and he has to label different areas en français. His criteria for labels are:

  • In French, with descriptions in French
  • At least 4 little known towns
  • At least 4 Indigenous areas/landmarks
  • Major water ways

But today we started to read through the Canadian Geographic Ultimate Animals for Kids resources and now he is putting that first map on hold in order to re-create Quebec according to its different geographical areas and include the animals from the areas, along with Indigenous names for the animals and any towns and waterways. He is starting with the more Northern Areas, including the Northern Boreal Forest and the Arctic Archipelago.

He uses this map of the Nations in Quebec for guidance.

I expect the result to be a mix of English, French, and Indigenous languages.

I can’t wait to see what he builds!

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