Throughout the year I will need to complete a few administrative documents that outline my responsibilities to the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison (DEM) of the Ministère de l’éducation et enseignement supérieure (MEES). I’ll keep them here. If they can help anyone else, that is great. It is always comforting to see models.

Learning Project

I registered Jack with the DEM on September 8, when we found out the results of a hearing on equal access to online learning in Quebec:

Quebec Superior Court Justice Frederic Bachand refused the parents’ request for a safeguard order that would have given parents immediate access to remote courses for their children as the case awaits trial.

Quebec Parents Lose First Round in Legal Fight for Online Classes Amid Pandemic – NorthShore News, September 8

I had 30 days from registration to submit my learning plan and I submitted it yesterday afternoon. So the plan here has yet to receive feedback. I will update this when (if 😉 ) I hear from the DEM. I used a document from the Association Québécoise pour l’Éducation à Domicile (AQED) as a model for my plan. I became a member shortly after registering Jack. It has been a good investment so far.

Our Grade 4 Learning Plan

End of school year update

So the year is over. My learning plan was never officially approved (nor the opposite…) but I did meet with a rep for our monitoring meeting on June 1. This was the first and only time I met with a DEM rep throughout the whole process. Probably a good thing.

Since I am a teacher, I chose teacher evaluation as my evaluation method. When I am making sense of things, I create slideshows or websites. It is just what I do. So, as I was mapping the end of cycle outcomes for Cycle 2 to his learning, I did so via a Google Slideshow. And I decided to just submit that as my final report. It represents much more than what is necessary for reporting BUT it was necessary for my process and I didn’t want to try to fit it into the DEM documentation after the fact. I submitted it at the beginning of June and at the end of July I was told that it is accepted, no other feedback beyond that.

Here is his report. The mid-year report was similar, I added to it to create this final one.

School is now about a month away. He is registered to return to his old school and we will see what happens with Covid as the year starts. I feel a bit better this year as the adults in his school will all have been vaccinated, but this Delta variant … there are still many unknowns. We will see how things progress.

What do you think?

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