The social studies workbook Jack’s school gave us offers a very limited view of the history of Quebec and Canada, with a focus on settler stories and settler descriptions of the land.

We will be using the workbook as a way to compare stories. It will form the basis of the timeline of history and we will fill in the missing pieces with indigenous stories and indigenous descriptions of the land.

I am putting together playlists on the National Film Board (NFB) and through CBC. I am also actively seeking other sources for these stories – so if you have suggestions, thanks!

Some of these videos can’t be added to playlists because they are tagged as content created for children but we can share them off of YouTube (not sure how that makes sense…). So I collect them here.

I am using various articles to frame our essential question:

How can Indigenous Stories give us a better understanding of history in Quebec and Canada?

โ€œPeople are Finally Listeningโ€โ€“ Indigenous Animation Rises Up

Top 5 Indigenous Issues all Canada should Care about – APTN

21 things you may not have known about the Indian Act (original blog post, also the book)

What do you think?

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