This article spurred some interesting conversation about the ethical treatment of animals… in Minecraft! I have heard myself say things like, “Why are you killing the panda, Jack?” a few times. While part of me agrees with his it’s just a video game, mom! defense, another part of me also thinks, hmmm…

What do you think?

We may use this as a way to begin developing his point of view with clarity.

2 thoughts on “Ethical issues in Minecraft

  1. It’s actually very disturbing for me but I try to see it from his point if view that it’s just a game. I think as adults we tend to overthink things . Having said that I am still not comfortable with the idea. I speak to him about it but he doesn’t seem to be taking it as seriously as I do.
    It’s almost like when he was younger and we used to play superheroes, I always wanted to try to talk to the bad guy instead of putting him in jail, but he didn’t like that lol

    1. Hi Rania and thanks for your comment!
      I remember when my son was younger and we were watching Star Wars. I was ok with it and so was he. But other movies that had just as much killing and violence we were both not ok with (and I didn’t even consider watching with him). We talked about it and it had to do with the element of fantasy – that it was so obvious that Star Wars was a made up, fantastical story that the zapping of planets and storm troopers did not have the same effect as the shooting of people. Also, there was no blood.

      There may be some of that idea here. The 8-bit graphics help to remind us it is just a game. The difference for me is that the killing of animals on Minecraft seems to be completely for no reason. He just does it because they are in the way, not because they are terrorizing the galaxy… so we keep talking about it, even when he says c’mon, mom. It’s just a game.
      Thanks again for your comment, Rania!

What do you think?

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