We just finished a Kung Fu workout. We haven’t been attending our physical classes lately because of various covid-related issues. I wasn’t feeling well so went with caution and didn’t do anything with others. Then Montreal entered zone orange and I became concerned about being near others so I could still assure safety for my parents.

Now we are in a red zone. The kung fu school is still open yet, I am wary about being around too many people. So we did a full class workout at home today.

We used this video for a 10-ish minute warm-up and then went through all our forms, did some combination punches and kicks, and ended with push-ups and sit-ups and our bow. It lasted close to an hour. Masters Bun and Kin would be proud 😉

I was proud of Jack. He has had a difficult time with push-ups and today he did 5 of them in great form – no butt in the air! And then about 50 sit-ups.

Most of the day he actually spent on Minecraft while I solved some coding problems on this site. He did TONS of mental math. He kept yelling out things like, What is 35 × 2.5? And I’d yell back, What is 35 x 2.5?

Jack – Well 35 × 2 is 70, right?

Me – Yeah! And what’s half of 35?

Jack – That’s impossible!

Me – What’s half of 30?

Jack – 15! Oh, and half of 5 is 2 and a half. So 70 + 15 + 2.5 …. it’s 85… 87 and a half!

Apparently 1 Tutridium costs 2.5 thousand Minecraft dollars. So he was trying to figure out how much Tutridium to charge for items he was selling.

Who says school doesn’t happen on the weekend?

What do you think?

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