c1 – Examines social phenomena from a historical perspective

Jack was just starting History at school, they did Geography in the first half of the year. Today he read about Paleolithic life and filled in the question grids about that section. Pretty typical school-based workbook stuff.

We talked about how this workbook is essentially teaching you how to read documents, especially at this beginning part of the workbook.

We also had an interesting conversation about Bering strait theory. He mentioned that there were three theories but that the “right” one was Bering strait so I commented that there are many people who don’t agree with it. We researched controversy around it and saw different arguments. He kept insisting that it was the only theory that makes sense, though he started to reflect, I could tell.

Just before finishing up, he commented that the workbook doesn’t say it is a theory. That it positions it as the truth and they should say it is a theory.

Here are some of the resources we looked through together that lead to him considering that there isn’t only one version that is right and true.





He also worked on Math Help Services questions re: Percentage Word Problems Level 1

I notice he speaks the problems aloud to get his head around them. He could figure them out, some were challenging and he asked for help. All I did was read them out to him again. He completed them all 100%

PS – we aren’t officially homeschooling at this point. We’ll take the March break to figure it out. So I’m making sure he is keeping up with school work for now.

What do you think?

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