Ha – we’ve been homeschooling since October. Early in the school year, we both got sick for the first time in the pandemic. And really sick – like 3 weeks + worth of sick. I kept Jack home when there were pandemic measures in place… why was I sending him back when there were none? Especially since I am still able to work from home. So home he came.

Here is our Grade 6 learning project, submitted in October.

And here is our midyear report. We had our monitoring meeting with our ministry representative today and all is on track. I’ll incorporate the info in this document into the learning project when I prepare his completion report.

My main focus is letting him learn on his own terms, mixed with prep for the English Language Arts and Math Provincial examinations he is forced to take in June. If he has to take them, I’d like him to feel good about them.

I can’t be there with him, even though in the school system the teacher is the one who administers these exams and I am his teacher. I can’t even attend any preparatory sessions with him… sigh… Luckily I have some friends who are helping out with some prep materials to make sure I prepare him in a good way. I’ve never taught those particular subjects in Grade 6 before!

I share these documents so others can see different ways we can communicate with the government. The Quebec ministry of education department for Homeschooling has templates you can use but I can’t fit my beautiful child into those horrible documents. So I make my own.

What do you think?

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